METHS circulars

METHS 115 was distributed in February 2020

METHS 116 is due in May/June 2020. Please send anything you want included to Rupert Roschnik.




Members movements

       David (Harriruo) Harrison moved up to METHS Heaven on 5th February. Members' thoughts are with Judy, Guy, Stephen and all the family at this sad time. However, the other David, (Captain Pugwash) McMullan, resurrected and moved back to the Green List, having pitched up at the 2019 AGM, all the way from Viet-Nam, together with 5 years' back subs. Welcome back, Cap'n we can't wait for you to organise the next METHS-AFLOAT! Also, at the Arran meet, we were delighted to see Kay Black who, with several Blantyre TPW's and Mulanje ascents under her belt (!) has finally discovered us and will be formally accepted as a member at the 2020 AGM. She has moved back to Mulanje (Lockerbie version, in Scotland). Martin & Miriam Horrocks are still moving (commuting?) between Cape of Good Hope and Blighty. As is Jean (Cheeky) Hayward who was back in Africa again, moving amongst relatives. Verena (Muesli) & Mike (Mad) Petzold also can't get Africa out of their system and spent 3 weeks moving around in Malawi and South Africa last year. George (Munro) Wallace is moving up & down the Donalds, 75 peaks (over 2000 ft.) in southern Scotland, his having climbed all the Munros (3000'+) and Corbetts (2500'+). Meanwhile, Stewart (Lightning) Halliday needed to emigrate from Isle of Man (where residents require three legs) and moved to England see Green List. Robin (Vicar of Leeds) & Jenny Rainbow, are still moving about in their mobile home, trying to avoid the Australian bush fire epidemic. See Green List for their new contact address in Queensland. Toria (Tornado) Horner has just moved further north of Victoria Island, B.C., Canada which she calls: "the Last Outpost of the British Empire." And last (but certainly not least!), Neil (Bwana Nilo) & Sue (Donna Suzi) Stiles spent the NZ winter moving around with a large family gathering, in the snow near Mt. Ruapehu.







WDYFO, 2020